• Wale Oke College of Missions and Evangelism is an interdenominational cross-cultural training arm of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries located in Ibadan
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Our Mission

The missions programme offered by the institution are specially designed for those who have a sense of call into full-time ministry or desired to do the work of missions, but do not have basic training and/or do not know how to proceed. The mandate given to us is to produce missionaries who are theologically sound and practically able to produce God-glorifying results in cross-cultural settings.

About Us


Wale Oke College of Missions and Evangelism (WOCOME) is an intercultural and interdenominational training arm of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries. It is a long awaited vision the hands of the Lord brought into actualization.

WOCOME was formally inaugurated on the 22nd March, 2020 by the Presiding Bishop of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Bishop Francis Wale Oke and commissioned on August 30th, 2021 by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye.


Equipping ministers who will be theologically sound and practically fit for effective cross cultural missions in the nations of the world.


The college is in pursuit of various accreditations to further boost its international recognition. At present, the college is in the process of being affiliated to the Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, Nigeria. We collaborate with the Redeemed College of Missions, Ede, Nigeria.

The college is a member of Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association (NEMA) and is currently processing affiliation with International Council for Higher Education, West Africa Network (ICHE).

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We use BOLD approach that will produce BOLD missionaries


  • It requires both course work and field internship for completion. Academically, applicants require a minimum of four GCE or WAEC O/L Credits.
  • The program is requires a minimum of ND or NCE from a recognized Institution or their equivalents. Duration is 12 months.
  • Applicants require a minimum of first degree from a recognized University or its equivalent. It involves twelve months of both course work and field internship (3 months).
  • Apart from our regular programs at the permanent site for training the would-be full time missionaries, we have discovered that missions is not just for a selected few in the Church but a work for every true child of God, and have therefore designed various programs to accommodate those God has not called into full time.

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As Christians, and especially those of us called for missions, our lives need to be in complete harmony with the Word of God.
Life-changing books written by Bishop Francis Wale Oke will enrich your spiritual life.

  • Alone with God
    Alone with God
    Bringing a prayer revolution into your life. Is a must for all homes who believes in the efficacy of prayers
  • The Future of the Church in Nigeria
    The Future of the Church in Nigeria
    It was particularly written for people who are in the ministry of the gospel of Christ, to challenge our thinking and provoke us to take our ministerial responsibilities more seriously.
  • The Weapons of Our Warfare
    The Weapons of Our Warfare
    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:12
  • Changed From Glory to Glory - A Daily Devotional
    Changed From Glory to Glory - A Daily Devotional
    Changed from Glory To Glory is a daily devotional book for all homes for those who love God.
  • GOD of the rich, Hope of the Poor
    GOD of the rich, Hope of the Poor
    God will raise you. The Bible says the poor have hope. The poor have tomorrow waiting for him. Our God is the God of the Rich and the Hope of the Poor.
  • Five Streams of Grace
    Five Streams of Grace
    In this book, you will discover the significance of the five points from which our Lord Jesus shed His precious blood.
  • 20 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
    20 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
    All you need to know about why Jesus had to die for you. Why you need to respond to His loving sacrifice. What you need to know about the life, saving grace and power of the blood of Christ. How you can experience the power of His blood in your own life.


    • Fiyin Ogunnaike
      Fiyin Ogunnaike Postgraduate Diploma
      SET 2020-2021
    • Being in WOCOME has changed my life significantly. The atmosphere is conducive and charged. WOCOME has disciplined me in a lot of aspects but most especially in my prayer life. I am grateful to God for directing me to WOCOME.